Keep The Change Ya Filthy Animal

It’s that time of the year again…only 2 weeks until Christmas and I don’t know a better way to feel like at home than to sit down for a marathon of holiday films.I will be spending this weekend in London and I have booked my hotel room… splurged juuuust a little bit with a double room, becasue I think I deserve it. I think I’ll be ordering room service and watching one of my faves: HOME ALONE- and if this isn’t at the top of your Christmas movie-watching list, I can’t help you on that one. Hopefully you’ve got this on DVD or perhaps have worn your way through several VHS copies…but will still sit down to watch it whenever it’s on TV. This is my first Christmas away from home but this time I get to travel all around Europe, spend a white Christmas in Austria and Italy and an amazing fiesta time in Madrid for New Year’s Eve!


just saying…

I’m thinking about an early morning latte from Pret A Manger, hitting the gym for an hour and later picking up a copy of ‘The Girl On paper’ by Guillaume Musso… a good read for the EARLY quiet nights that have drawn in. I’m beginning to enjoy a good cup of tea because I can’t afford to be bouncing off the walls right before I have to hit the sheets… so I want to stop by Lee Rosy’s and check out their crazy assortment!

Today was incredibly windy and cold so I think it’s time to start wearing those not-so-flattering chunky but warm sweaters when I leave my place- or layer up with that last minute cashmere sweater my mom packed in my suitcase… and a good pair of gloves would be good, that is if I don’t manage to lose one of them at the Orange Tree again.

I’d also like to learn how to make an outstanding risotto with funghi so Jamie Oliver can you please come over and teach me this weekend?


Hello dream come true!

Hello dream come true!

An agent of change with a new cultural perspective, a denizen to the epicenter of new experiences…always transforming who I am to whom I want to become. Today I find myself with a new disposition while slowly adjusting to the time difference, currency and cold weather. At the same time budgeting, downsizing and adapting to a new way of life. I have recognized that fun always translates and it is never a point of contention, because making the best out of unknown surroundings has had to be the best way to persevere, mature and deal with life. Even with the most miniscule things I have come across, like having to take the bus everywhere, understanding the fast-paced British accents and simply not knowing where I am at, I have not been reluctant to ask questions and wonder the city by myself. The last five days have given me a sense of empowerment and awareness that I have never felt before. Because I was looking for a moment of opportunity for my voice and the voice of others to be heard, I had the audacity to move to a different country, better yet another continent!

so what’s up with all these switches…

Maybe I come from a 3rd world country where electricity is valued as if it was gold…and where growing up consisted of my Dad telling me to turn the lights off like ALLOFTHE TIME!!!.. (Which I always failed to do), but where most plugs are the same as in the U.S. with two flat prongs…and I also come from a country were electricity is starting to matter more than ever and to reduce its usage I’m told to “unplug” everything when I’m not using it. And NOW I am living in a country where everything has switches that in order to work they need to be switched back to ON or to the color red which to me means “OFF”..…I don’t know…So every time I want to boil water in the kettle, use the stove or oven, vacuum or simply blow dry my hair…I seem to forget to flick it back to on…and I just stand there and wait..but I’m getting better at it. It’s a win-win I guess 🙂

The 1970’s are due for a reinterpretation…

Fashion repeats itself…Don’t we ALL love vintage? I know I would have indulged back in the 70’s aesthetic brilliant styles and accessories. Wearing earthy tones, crochet and macramé tops, wide-leg pants, chunky gold jeweler, and a super-high pair of platforms. That is why I have decided to find specific clothes while shopping around the world’s more cultured capitals. Finding things that are different, mixing old and new, because what is old, is now new again, but with an updated twist. Bold colors and patterns that remind me of the times of Studio 54 and Boogie Nights, so fun!