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You might want to sit back and relax…It’s 6am and we begin our journey with what we now call “BBB” better known as Brandy Bagel Breakfast, not your conventional brekkie, we know, but the ultimate way to ease Sharon’s flying nerves and well a now traditional pre-vacay drink, so of course I just had to get us doubles.

Four hours later we landed on the biggest island of the Dodecanese islands, Rodos, to a warm and pleasant climate and we were instantly captivated. Upon our arrival and about to pick up Sharon’s suitcase, I tell her, “I like your Ray-bans, I brought mine too,” I felt my head and they’re not there, “My sunglasses!! They’re in my suitcase, where is my suitcase?, I left it on the plane!!!” (You can begin to imagine the rest of the trip). It was no big deal, I let security know and they put it through the conveyor belt. We took a taxi to our time-share apartment (Sun Beach Apartments), and later walked to our local shop to fill up in sustencance for the week. We bought a delicious assortment of domalis, aubergine dip, cheese, fresh baked bread, greek yogurt, Sangria, and some of the best coffee we’ve ever had!

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Later that evening Sharon was craving seafood for dinner so we walked to the closest restaurant “Lancelot” to check it out. It was empty and cold, we asked the hostess for a menu and there was no seafood to be found, although she didn’t hesitate to tell us, “We have great sandwiches!” We looked at each other, frowned and said thank you, but no thank you. We want seafood and wine! So we hopped on the bus to Old Town, ended up at the Yatch Club, a sea-front restaurant which only has appetizers. Frustrated and not knowing where to go, we began to feel a bit like giving up, so instead we decided to cross the street to the taxi station to see if anyone could recommend a good seafood place. Little did we know that if it wasn’t for our misfortune we would have never met ‘Paris’ our taxi driver/greek angel.

He drove us in his navy blue volkswagen van through the labyrinthine back streets and medieval fortifications only to arrive at Romios Restaurant, our little piece of heaven. We instantly felt like we were part of a family dinner, like we were long lost relatives returning home. A couple of glasses of house wine later, greek salad, calamari and mussels…oh! and the complimentary “old lady dessert” accompanied by a glass of coffee anis, we asked the owner to call Paris to come pick us up. Paris comes by and invites us to his friend’s Italian restaurant “Felicias.” After mild hesitation we accepted. Our eyes could not believe the greek feast on the large table in the middle of the restaurant. We indulged in the traditional dishes and we drank white wine that tasted like basil and other spices, until 4 am.

The following day I said I wanted to take it easy.. yeah that lasted a couple of hours, so we decided to embark on another adventure in town. We waited for the bus for about 45 minutes… Sharon affirmed me, “It’ll come…is that it?… No, well lets walk to the next bus stop”…as soon as we started walking the bus came but we missed it! So that evening we took a cab to Old Town. We didn’t know what that night had in store for us. We partied with Greek Rod Stewart, danced the greek dance with strangers, ordered Mexican Fantasy drinks (parrot included). Later an adorable husky dog befriended Sharon on the street. We danced and took pictures with the DJ’s at Apple bar and finally ran into Paris AGAIN…at Giropolis, the local gyro restaurant. Here is the video:

We had no track of time or the date but I guess Thurday rolled around and while we were having breakfast in our balcony we booked our day trip to Turkey for the following day. Later that day we took the bus again into town, this time the bus driver was having a party of his own, singing and blasting hits from the radio, it made our morning. We had lunch at Palazzo, a tuna fish pizza and beer-in-a-boot kind of lunch. That day was one of those days in which everything we wished for came true. We just wanted music, good food and to walk around the plaza all day. We shopped for souvenirs, we tasted and bought home-made honey rum, ouzo and anise, postcards, magnets, amongst other things.  It’s worth mentioning that I was brought up in a haggle intensive culture but I guess I didn’t learn a thing. Sharon is the haggling master! We got lost after walking along the narrow streets, asking people for directions (in greek-that was hilarious!) to Romios. We wanted to go there because we knew we would be welcomed with open arms. As we made our way out of what it seemed a maze we came to realize that Rodos is full of cats, they are everywhere!